Solar Rebates

What is the VIC Government Solar Rebate?

The Victorian State government offers various rebates and subsidies to encourage the solar technology to accelerate Victoria towards a renewable energy system.

Residential property owners can claim a rebate of $1,400 off their Solar System. This rebate is applied once you sign the contract so it’s paid directly from Solar Victoria to your installer. The rebate is applied through an online portal – At SolarSeed, we are happy to explain you the process and the paperwork required, but the first step is contacting SolarSeed to arrange a quote.

$1400 Interest Free Loan

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the rebate, the you are also eligible for an optional interest free loan of $1400 to reduce your out of pocket expense for the remainder balance after the rebate. The loan is payable over a period of four years and is repaid directly to Solar Victoria through direct debit. The only additional requirement for a loan is that your estimated savings from solar system per month should be higher than your loan repayment amount. In almost all the cases, it always is!

To receive your rebate you must:


Solar Battery Rebate

Solar Victoria is offering a rebate of $4,174 on solar battery if you have a solar system installed. This rebate is currently available in 247 postcodes in Victoria. Check if your home is eligible.

Solar for Rental Properties

Solar Rebate & interest Free Loan of upto $1400 is available for rental properties. This is subject to Solar Victoria Eligibility and a Solar Homes Landlord Rebate Agreement.

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